The south side of the house is in full sun overlooking the fields with a table, parasol and chairs. There is a climbing frame with slide and an (unfenced) stream-like pond with goldfish which is fed from an underground pipe from the spring near the top of the hill. In the middle cellar you will find lounger chairs, a barbeque, a small paddling pool fish food. Firewood is stored in this cellar as well as garden tools. The whirly washing line is kept here as well.


The north side of the house has a shady garden it gets morning sun, ideal for breakfast. There is parking on the drive for several cars.


We also have two fields, one with a Normandy bakehouse and a thunderbox shed, The other field has a large concrete barn (Johns beloved mini-tractor lives in here, and a sheep shed unfortunately no longer any sheep feel free to explore. At times two beautiful horses will be in one or other field behind an electric fence, courtesy of Anneka, our neighbour who is a local vet.


We have arranged to keep the grass cut around the house, but please water the window boxes.



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